Update on School


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Yes, it has been over three months since my last update. It is very easy to skip blogging the longer you go without an update. So, here is a quick rundown of the last three months:

We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Levi still enjoys going to school. He now goes 5 days a week until 1:30 everyday. While I wish I could say we have seen major improvements in him since starting school, I cannot.


I still believe school is doing him a world of good! He is learning routine, even though he does not fully follow the schedule every day and just his being around other students learning is great for him.

I still continue to pray for him every day. My desire is that God would allow him to catch up and function on the correct age level he is. But, I believe that if God chooses to be glorified in Levi’s life as someone with special needs he will give his father and me the grace and strength we need to handle each situation. I am truly thankful for that!



Levi Started School


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Levi had his first day of special preschool Friday! My baby seems so grown up all of a sudden.

Many of my friends asked me if I cried, and I actually did not !. I was happy to be giving him the help he needs, even if that means apart from me. I love his teacher and really sense she cares for Levi and his success already. That’s not to say, I wasn’t waiting in the parking lot 15 minutes early eagerly waiting to pick him up!

Tomorrow will begin his first full week of school. I’m praying he enjoys it. The teachers seem to think he did on Friday. Poor, little man was fast asleep less than a mile down the road on our way home though.
Praying for a great week for Levi!

Isn’t his lunch box adorable!

A Storms a Comin’


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Weather lately = weird! It was 80 degrees last week and it is so cold and windy outside right now. Apparently we have a big storm coming our way thanks to hurricane Sandy. All I see on the news is about this impending storm and the possible power outages we may face. I did manage to get out this morning to get some groceries, I got hot sauce, chai tea, mayo… You know the staples in case of emergency.

This storm is getting in the way of my registering Levi for school though! The schools are closed today; I got all my forms together to take up there only to have them be closed! I just want to finish up what I need to do so he can get started!

We managed to take a few pictures this weekend before the storm takes away all the beautiful foliage.


Fun Outside on a Hot October Day


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I got Ryder down for his nap this morning and had every intention of using that hour to catch up on cleaning (I’ve become a little bit of a clean freak, not good with two babes), but I felt the urge to work with Levi while it was just the two of us. The weather has been very warm, unusual for October, it feels like June. I thought today would be perfect for practicing walking on uneven surfaces, the backyard (thankfully it is fenced in). Levi had a blast running around. We explored things in the yard, we felt the trees and the leaves. It was fun for the both of us. Once Ryder woke up we decided to let him in on the fun too.


My First 5K


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This past Saturday I ran my first 5K! I decided a little over a month ago I wanted to do it, and, of course I convinced my husband to do it with me. It was so much fun, and I did a lot better than I thought I would 26 minutes and 5 seconds. Not bad for someone who had never ran more than 2 miles at a time before. I loved the feeling of crossing the finish line and the feeling of accomplishment! I’m already looking for the next race I want to run. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll do a half marathon!

I had a friend watch the boys there at the race, it was fun having them there. The finish line was next to the football field and Levi loved walking, running, and falling on the turf. We might have a future football player on our hands!

As far as school is concerned, I will register him as soon as I get his immunization records. Once he is registered, the teacher will begin his IEP and hopefully he will finally start school!


And Levi Qualifies for School


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We attended the school board meeting Wednesday and they indeed, as expected, determined Levi was eligible for special school services. But it’s not like he will start tomorrow. We have yet another meeting to attend, his IEP meeting, this meeting will explain his goals and how they plan to go about achieving these goals. They have 30 days to get this meeting done; which means the meeting could be next week or in three weeks. And I say again, this has been quite the process!. After the IEP meeting he can start the next day! We are almost there yet again!

In the meeting the therapists explained their assessments of Levi and in almost all areas of development Levi scored very deficient as compared to other kids his age. They concluded he is overall at about an 11 month old level, with an exception of gross motor skills where he is on the 16-17 month level. While we knew all these things, hearing them said aloud by professionals was still hard. Levi is on the same level as his younger brother!

Looking forward to school for Levi. I’m praying that it will really put a jolt in Levi’s developmental progress, as we haven’t seen much lately. Hopefully we will get that meeting sooner rather than later!

The North Star


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So, back almost 10 years ago (what??!), as an Elementary Education major, I bought a children’s book I absolutely loved, to use in my classroom called The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds. As I was cleaning yesterday, I saw it on my bookshelf, dusty from not being opened for years. I decided to read it to remember why I loved it so much. It is basically about a little boy trying to find his way, he is told by others what way he should take, but he ends up taking his own way.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

the boy realized at that moment that everyone has a different voyage, different signs, their own stars, their own constellations

the star glowed patiently reminding him that it was still a long journey ahead but it was his own journey, his very own wonderful journey

I love how this little boy reminds me of Levi. He is on his own wonderful journey. No one person’s journey is the same. God made us all individuals, with different abilities and personalities. And I love that about people, how boring would it be if we were all cookie cutter individuals! God knew what he was doing when he created each person the way they are!

It’s amazing that 10 years later I would find this book has a special meaning for me with Levi.

The weather has been beautiful! We’ve been trying to spend time outdoors!



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So thankful for this running boy!

There was honestly a time when I wasn’t sure if I would ever see the day. He cannot run very far without falling but it is still a great site to see. He’s just got to keep practicing!

We have a big week ahead of us. Levi’s eligibility for preschool meeting is Wednesday. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know we have been through quite the process and it has taken quite a bit of time, but we finally will find out if he will be starting school!

Best Workout Ever


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I’ve had a lot of people comment on the fact that I’ve lost some weight since the birth of Ryder 10.5 months ago. I weigh less than I did before both of my pregnancies. I get asked what I have been doing and I usually respond with the usual “eating healthy and exercising”. But really, the major element of weight loss here is just the shear physical strength involved in being a mom!. Have two babies and it’s double the workout.

The other day I figured I probably burn about a thousand calories just in going grocery shopping with my boys. Here’s how it goes: carry one child out to the car seat and buckle in, repeat with second child; get to store (always park near the car corral–I hate when the Cart people do their job) take out one child and lift into cart and buckle in, repeat with second child; push a cart heavy with kids and groceries around and around the store for about an hour, it’s funny how you forget the one thing that is clear on the other end of the store; load groceries onto conveyor belt; put groceries in cart; put bags into trunk, lift babies into car seats and buckle; once home, unbuckle babies carry them in the house; carry tons of grocery bags into the house (in one trip of course); put away the groceries and done!. Oh, and all through this grocery shopping escapade you are trying to stop your kids from having meltdowns with various snacks and drinks!
Being a mom is the best workout ever, because it is guaranteed to give you the best results (in your biceps and your children)!


Football fun


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I have come to love football! I may not completely understand the game, but I love the excitement of it, I love the time of year it happens in, and I love that it brings friends together. This weekend was full of football watching and we even watched one live. We attended the homecoming game of my alma mater with friends from church. It was Ryder’s first game! They did pretty well! Both boys were so exhausted on the way home though.


In other news, Saturday I received a letter in the mail informing me that Levi’s eligibility meeting for school is a week from this Wednesday! This school thing has been a long process but I can finally see the end of the road!